pHmeter (Digital)- Portable

Made In: India

Availability: In Stock

Model: LT 14

Price: 12000

Portable PH Meter offered is based on latest technological support and provides working as hand-held portable PH meters.

Offering economical usage support, these come with electrode condition monitoring as well as with other functional advantages like measurement store and recall, backlit, multi-level LCD display, real time clock and user-selectable calibration reminder.

Available under LT-14 Portable Model, it comes with display of 3 1/2 digit LCD with pH range of 0 to 14.00 and resolution of pH 0.01.

Further, the system can deliver accuracy of pH +0.01 and slope correction from 80 to 120%.

Technical Specifications:-

Model : portable 

Model : LT -14, Portable

Display : 3 1/2 LCD

Range                pH  0 to 14


Resolution :             0.01

Accuracy:               +0.1