Conventional X-ray (Mobile)

Made In: India

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Model: MDX-100/ MCB

Price: 270000

  • 100mA, 100 KVP, Mobile X-Ray Machine for Radiography
  • Electronic Timer
  • Electronic Overload Protection Device
  • Stationary Anode X-Ray Tube : BEL or Imported
  • Counter Balanced Mobile Stand
  • Suitable for Bed Side X-rays

Output Rating

  • 8 KW as per IS:7620 (Part I) : 1986
  • 100mA at 45 to 100 KVP
  • 50mA at 45 to 100 KVp
  • 25mA at 45 to 100 KVP

KVP Range

  • 45 to 100 KVP in Steps of 5 KVP/Step


  • Electonic Timer with timing range from 0.04 sec to 8 sec in 24 steps

Control Panel 

  • Attractively designed control panel having the following functions
  • Digital display of mAs, KVP and Radiographic mA
  • Voltmeter to indicate line voltage
  • mA meter to indicate tuvbe current.
  • Voltage compensator Coarse and fine to compensate for input voltage variation.
  • Booster transformer for stabilization of ilament voltage
  • Fech. selector for selection of Rad mA.
  • KVP selector from 45 to 100 KVP
  • Time Selector switch for selection of Rad. Time
  • Ready & X-Ray switches, Bucky selector Switch.
  • Push to ON/Off Type switches for Machine ON/OFF
  • Indicators for LIne ON, X-Ray ON, Overload & Bucky ON.

Safety Features

  • Automatic trip off overload circuit breaker
  • Electronic overload protection with simultaneous protection from high input voltage/KVP/mA/Time provided
  • Fuses for all circuits provided in the machine

Tube Head

  • Self Contained Tube Head containing Stationary Anode X-Ray Tube (BEL DSA - 3B/ Imported) having Focal Spot of 2.8 mm.
  • Compact Heavy Duty Full Wave Rectified H.V. Transformer and High Voltage Silicon Rectifiers immersed in Oil and hermitically sealed.
  • Tube head can be tilted 360º with full flexibility for use in operation theatres and in ward for bedside Radiography

Tube Stand

  • Mobile Counter Balance (MCB)


  • Manual Light Beam Collimator
  • Hand Switch wit hretractable cord.
  • Aluminum filter

Power Supply

  • 230 Volts AC, +- 10% LIne Regulation
  • Single Phase, 50 Hz
  • Line Resistance of 0.4 Ohms as per IS:7620(1)
  • Power lines having line reistance of mor than 0.4 Ohms may limit the ouput of X-Ray Generator