Digital Twelve (12)Channel ECG Machine

Made In: China

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Model: ECG -1112M

Price: 230000

Digital 12-channel Electrocardiograph
7" inch LCD display ,12-lead simultaneously display
● 180 ECG cases can be saved in the ECG
● Up to 10000 ECG files can be stored with U disk(optional)
● Freeze, Pre-10-second print and Trigger print function to observe
any abnormal ECG waveforms
● Quick acquisition and stability, waveforms get stable within 3s
● HR detection alarm and pacemaker detection supported
● Cine-loop function: saved ECG waveform can be played back
● Auto-save function: users can choose whether to automatically
save the files with the printout or not
● Support magnetic card reader, bar code scanner, transferring
information conveniently
● Support external laser printer to achieve A4 size report output
● Data management software on PC(optional)
● Reliable automatic measurement & Interpretation tested with CSE&AHA database

Technical Specifications

Safety standard: MDD93/42/EEC, IEC60601-1 Safety level: class I, Type CF
Input circuit: Floating, protection against defibrillator and pacemaker detection
Lead: 12 standard leads
Input impedance: ≥50ΜΩ(10Hz)
Input circuit current: ≤50nA
Patient current leakage: ≤10μA(a.c.)
Calibration voltage: 1mV±2%
Depolarization voltage: ±700mV
Sampling rate: 1.0ms(1000Hz)
A/D convertor: 24 bits
Frequency response: 0.05Hz~165Hz
Time constant: ≥3.2s
Noise level: ≤15μVp-p
CMRR: ≥120dB
Digital filters: HUM, EMG, ADS, Lowpass
Sensitivity: Auto, 2.5, 5, 10, 20,40 (mm/mV) ±5 %
Measurement: HR, PR/QT/QTC Interval, P/QRS/T Axis etc.
Patient data: Date, time, ID, name, gender, age, height, weight, blood pressure, etc.
System data: Sensitivity, paper speed, filter on/off, hospital name, etc.
Print-out: Waveform, waveform + measurement report, waveform + measurement report+analysis report, etc
Printing system: High speed, high sensitivity thermal matrix printing system
Paper speed: 5/6.25/10/12.5/25/50mm/s(±3%)
Printing paper: 210/216mm roll paper
Power supply: AC: 100V-240V( 50/60Hz)
DC: 19V/3.5A
Battery: 14.4V/4400mAh, built-in rechargeable lithium battery, over 3 hours working time


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