HbA1C Analyzer

Made In: Kuwait

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Model: Clover A1C


  1. Calculate the mean serum glucose values for the past 2-3 months by measuring HbA1c (Hemoglobin A1c) in serum
  2. Possible to gain effective glucose control due to the more accurate data than conventional measuring systems
  3. One-step measuring method that improves the disadvantages of complicated measuring steps of equipment at hospitals
  4. Developed for portable/household use, enabling it to measure at low cost


Measuring theoryBoronate affinity binding precipitation /
Electrochemical reactionMeasuring methodSpectrophotometry/ AmperometryMeasuring range4~14 % / 10~600 mg/dlMeasuring time5 min (HbA1c) / 3 sec (Glucose)Measuring temperature17~32℃(HbA1c) / 10~40℃(Glucose)SampleWhole Blood, capillary blood 4㎕(HbA1c) /
capillary blood 0.3㎕ (Glucose)