C-arm machine

Made In: India

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Model: CORUS SERIES (High Frequency C-Arm)

  • Model- Corus 6 & Corus 9*

  • 40kHz , High Frequency X-Ray Generator
  • 3.5 KW X-Ray generator

  • Digital Console with 5.7” Graphical colored LCD Display

  • 6” Image Intensifier/ 9” Triple Field Image Intensifier*

  • ½” B/W CCD Camera

  • 100 Frames Image Memory

  • 2 Nos. Monitors of 15/17” Size

  • Actuator Controlled UP/DOWN movement of “C”

  • Wheels with Cable Deflector

  • Trolley to house Image Memory, Monitors and Servo Stabilizer


DIVA (Digital Image and Video Archiving) is a one of its kind imaging application that has been entirely developed through years of market feedback and research. It is the simplest live image recording tool for today’s busy surgeon and radiologist. Our DIVA has been used in almost all endoscope and Microscope based surgeries and is compatible with various equipment offerings of different manufacturers. 

DIVA allows real time capturing of video and still images during surgery and one can easily edit and store the recorded footage for archiving patient records, research use, presentations and reference work. 

DIVA (Digital Image & Video Archiver)

Interfaces with most medical equipments with image outputs

Hands free Recording Trigger

Images transportable through e-mail/web

Text & voice over recording

DIVA offers an extremely high compression rate without excessive resolution loss giving you the freedom to digitally store, manage and edit images and videos.